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Phuket co-living community

HOMA is a modern co-living residential space, that accommodates people from all walks of life. Our "intentional" co-living community provides a safe and harmonious living environment where like-minded people with similar values can live, work, and play together. HOMA’s fully furnished, specifically-designed, and well-equipped private and public spaces create an inspiring place in which to interact and share experiences. Facilities include a swimming pool with sun deck, gym, yoga, co-working space, games rooms, kids rooms and more. The biggest asset of joining a co-living space is the instant community it brings with it. In this way, co-living is perfect for people who value both community and individuality. In today's increasingly virtual society, more and more people appreciate the need for human interaction.
The reasons people choose co-housing communities over other forms of accommodation are many, such as wanting to share resources and reduce waste, live alongside people with similar interests, and reside in a place where they can grow their professional network. Co-living is ideal for anyone relocating to a new country/city, studying, working remotely or freelance, starting a new venture, or wanting to increase their social interaction. For these reasons and more, co-living attracts a dedicated band of followers amongst the young professional, entrepreneur, artist, student, intern, and digital nomad community. Co-living spaces are intentionally designed to bring people together. They have inviting spaces for working and socializing; private bedrooms/bathrooms; assistive services; full amenities (laundry, kitchen, gym, etc.); state-of-the-art tech facilities; and so much more for singles, couples and families alike.