Living Large in Phuket - A Complete Guide for Long Term Rental in Phuket

Published on March 29, 2021

 No doubt by now you’ve already heard about all of Phuket’s charms: azure blue waters, white sandy beaches, verdant green jungle, gleaming gold temples. And that’s not to mention the friendly locals, low cost of living, excellent infrastructure, world-class facilities, abundant entertainment options, and so forth.

For families, in particular, Phuket is a compelling lifestyle choice. From dawn ‘till dusk, parents and kids will never be bored living on the island. Thailand’s premier resort island offers a plethora of fun family frivolity. But, before you pack your bags and board the plane, you need to consider the all-important question of accommodation. Planning and preparation are paramount when it comes to finding the right place to set up a home.

If you’re inclined toward a long-term visit, you’ll need to pay attention to certain key criteria in your home search, for example, is your dream home near excellent schools, a hospital, a supermarket and restaurants, entertainment venues, a safe beach, public transport, and so forth. And what about the living quarters themselves, do they offer parents and kids adequate on-site facilities – pool, gym, playground, library, etc?

No matter if you want to find a modern Phuket apartment for long-term rent or a luxurious seaside villa, the island has a diverse array of accommodation styles available for savvy searchers. Some of the most popular areas with expat families are Patong, Kata, Karon, Phuket Town, Kathu, and Chalong. With these areas in mind, we’ll now talk through some main housing options on the island.


For many people, especially when they first land on the ground, it’s easy to book an Airbnb. Why? Because for a few days, weeks or months it gives you the convenience of a safe and organized place to live and the time to get the lay of the land. The other bonus is that you'll be paying considerably less than a hotel. But you won't be compromising on amenities. Most modern complexes in Phuket will have a good pool and gym on-site for residents and an array of nearby eateries and shops at hand. Not to mention that you can conveniently cook and clean in-house.

For short-term accommodation when you first arrive, a Phuket monthly rental via Airbnb is a great idea. A decent unit or house will cost you anywhere from THB 3,000 to 10,000 a night, depending on the size and location you’re looking at. Keep in mind also that there is also usually a 'cleaning fee' levied on top of the rental rate.

Condo/ Apartment/ House

As with many places in the world, getting a good deal on long-term accommodation in Phuket involves some serious legwork. Most people opt to go through a property agent, as this saves them time and effort. It's also cost-effective as the landlord pays their fee, not you. Simply tell them your requirements – price, size, location, on-site amenities, nearby offerings – and they'll arrange (and usually drive!) for you to visit an assortment of suitable properties.

Option B is to explore the island by yourself; easily done via a motorbike. In this way, you can cruise around areas you like and look for 'to rent' signs. Most condo/apartment buildings and moo bans (housing estates) welcome walk-in inquiries about Phuket monthly rentals.

And lastly, you can, of course, use the Internet to do your searching. Besides local Facebook groups listing available properties for rent, there are several key real estate websites worth checking out. The following ones can help you find and view a suitable apartment to rent in Phuket. Check out,,, and

The range of rental properties available in Phuket is quite huge, and pricing reflects that. At the bottom end of the spectrum, you can get a studio apartment in Kathu or Patong for THB 8,000 per month, with a small communal swimming pool and fitness room.

In the middle-range, you can find fancier one- and two-bedroom units to rent for THB 15,000-30,000 / month. These will be more spacious, have a better location (Rawai, Phuket Town), nicer facilities, and 24/7 security. 

On the higher end, you can find three- and four-bedroom units and houses for anywhere from THB 40,000-100,000 per month in Chalong, Nai Harn, and Laguna. If you really want to splurge and your budget can take the hit, a seaside pool villa with amazing sea views will set you back THB 150,000+ a month.

As with everything in Phuket, just keep in mind that the closer you get to the beach, the higher the price!


Co-living is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to traditional housing, particularly for people looking to save money and build community. The best part is that you don't have to worry about setting up utilities (water, gas, electricity, wi-fi), hiring a cleaner, buying furniture and appliances, and, if you're a remote worker, finding office space. What a joy, to give up the administration of housing to focus on the joy of living!
Besides, co-living properties such as HOMA in Phuket Town provide people who are new to Phuket with an instant circle of friends. With your co-housing buddies you can share meals, host movie nights, jointly shop, get work advice, and so forth. And for kids, they can make instant friends in the games room or at the pool.
If you’re not ready to commit to a long-term lease on a monthly apartment rental in Phuket, co-living offers a flexible alternative. This is especially helpful if you’re new to the Land of Smiles and want to explore different neighborhoods before settling down.